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استفاده از شبکه عصبی مصنوعی در برآورد حجم در جای هیدروکربن

Ali Akbar Rahimi Bahar

Volume 43, Issue 3 , September 2009, , Pages 271-281


  Accurate estimation of hydrocarbon volume in a reservoir is important due to future development and investment on that reservoir. Estimation of Oil and Gas reservoirs continues from exploration to end of reservoir time life and is usual upstream engineer’s involvements. In this study we tried to make ...  Read More

توسعه یک الگوریتم مکانی ریزدانه جهت ارزیابی میزان دسترسی به خدمات شهری

Mohammad Tale'i; Mohammad Sa'di Mesgari; Ali Sharifi

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 441-454


  This research is aimed at developing a model for measuring and comparison amount of supply and demand for different urban services from quality of life and equity perspectives, in urban built-up areas. This paper explains different steps of implementing the model as a tool for evaluating accessibility ...  Read More

بررسی اثر پارامترهای خاص گسلش و موقعیت مکانی ساختگاه بر مشخصات پالس حوزه نزدیک گسل

Mohammad Reza Ghaemmaghamian; Behnam Khalili

Volume 42, Issue 4 , August 2008, , Pages 487-496


  The characteristics of near-fault ground motion are investigated considering heterogeneous slip distribution on the fault plane. Areas on the fault plane with large slip in compare with the average slip on the fault are known as asperity. The characteristics of strong ground motions in near-fault area ...  Read More

آنالیزتنشهای مکانیکی و حرارتی در اسپیندل ماشینهای تراش

Ramezanali Mahdavi Nejad; Mohammad Gholami Nejad Saniabadi

Volume 41, Issue 4 , November 2007, , Pages 525-533


  Dimensional accuracy in machined parts depends on the precision of spindle, which is highly affected by applied forces, itself. This precision of spindle becomes more serious when it is used for a period of long times. Therefore, stress and strain analysis of spindle is very important in the behavior ...  Read More

بررسی عمل کرد شبکه‏های تخلیه آسیای نیمه‏خودشکن مجتمع مس‏سرچشمه

Ebrahim Azimi; Samad Banisi; Gholamreza Langarizadeh; Malek Dehghani

Volume 42, Issue 5 , September 2008, , Pages 565-575


  Discharge grates are one of the most important parts of SAG mills. These grates prevent balls and unbroken ores from discharging the mill and they have a significant effect on the mill filling and size distribution of the discharge flow. To consider the effect of openings of the grates on the overall ...  Read More

کاهش رنگ تصاویر با شبکه‌های عصبی خودسامانده چندمرحله‌ای و ویژگی‌های افزونه

Javad Rasti; Seyyed Amir Monajjemi; Abbas Vafaei

Volume 43, Issue 5 , September 2009, , Pages 647-658


  Reducing the number of colors in an image while preserving its quality, is of importance in many applications such as image analysis and compression. It also decreases memory and transmission bandwidth requirements. Moreover, classification of image colors is applicable in image segmentation and object ...  Read More

بررسی نقش عوامل مؤثر بر فراوانی حوادث در لوله‌های اصلی آب رسانی ‌با استفاده از الگوی رگرسیونی ترکیبی

Masoud Tabesh; Arash Aghaei; Jalil Abrishami

Volume 42, Issue 6 , December 2008, , Pages 691-703


  A water distribution network is one of the important parts of infrastructure systems. The efficient management and proactive planning of capital investment of these assets are fundamental for efficient and effective service delivered by water companies. The direct economic costs (i.e. rehabilitation ...  Read More

ارائه الگوریتم حذف بار وفقی جهت حفاظت سیستم قدرت در مقابل حوادث ترکیبی منجر به خاموشی سراسری

Hirosh Seyyedi; Majid Sanaye Pasand

Volume 42, Issue 7 , January 2009, , Pages 863-878


  In recent years several catastrophic power systems blackouts have occurred worldwide. Various reasons have been declared for these failures. Economical limitations due to power system restructuring restrictions, inadvertent operation of protective relays and inefficient design of conventional load shedding ...  Read More

A Model for E-Readiness Assessment of Iranian Small and Medium Enterprises

Maryam Hourali; Mohammad Fathian; Abbas Montazeri; Mansoureh Hourali

Volume 41, Issue 7 , February 2009, , Pages 969-985


  The current dynamic and turbulent business environment has forced companies that are competing in global markets to change their traditional methods of conducting business. Recent developments in applying Information Technology (IT) offer the most exciting business opportunities in the marketplace. Organizations ...  Read More

ساخت و بررسی عمل کرد سنسور اکسیژن و بهبود آن با استفاده از نیمه هادی اکسید فلزات تیتانیوم و سزیم و قلع به عنوان مرجع‌های جامد

Afsaneh Sheykh Mohammadi; Yadollah Mortazavi; Abbas Ali Khodadadi; Yousef Zeynali

Volume 42, Issue 8 , February 2009, , Pages 989-998


  We report the development of different types of oxygen sensors based on yittria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) as a solid electrolyte. The conventional oxygen sensor is a concentration cell with two porous Pt electrodes, one of which is exposed to air as a constant (reference) oxygen concentration and the ...  Read More

اکستروژن سه بعدی به روش میدان خطوط لغزش

Caren Abrinia; Rahim Tahriri Masoule

Volume 42, Issue 1 , April 2008, , Pages 1-13


  Many metal forming problems have been solved using the slip line field method but all of them have either been two-dimensional (plane strain or plain stress) or axisymmetric problems. In this paper a procedure has been proposed by which the slip line field solution to three dimensional problems of metal ...  Read More

Edge-tenacity in Networks

Dara Moazzami

Volume 49, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 45-53


  Numerous networks as, for example, road networks, electrical networks and communication networks can be modeled by a graph. Many attempts have been made to determine how well such a network is "connected" or stated differently how much effort is required to break down communication in the system between ...  Read More

کمانش پوسته‌های استوانه‌ای با گشودگی شبه بیضوی تحت فشار محوری

Mahmoud Shariati; Masoud Mehdizadeh Rokhi

Volume 43, Issue 1 , April 2009, , Pages 51-63


  Understanding how a cutout influences the load bearing capacity and buckling behavior of cylindrical shells is fundamental in the design of structural components used in automobiles, aircrafts, and marine structures. In this article, simulation and analysis of steel cylindrical shells with various lengths, ...  Read More

Heuristic and exact algorithms for Generalized Bin Covering Problem

S. Jabari; Dara Moazzami; A. Ghodousian

Volume 47, Issue 1 , June 2016, , Pages 53-62


  In this paper, we study the Generalized Bin Covering problem. For this problem an exact algorithm is introduced which can nd optimal solution for small scale instances. To nd a solution near optimal for large scale instances, a heuristic algorithm has been proposed. By computational experiments, the ...  Read More

A new indexed approach to render the attractors of Kleinian groups

Alessandro Rosa

Volume 49, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 53-62


  One widespread procedure to render the attractor of Kleinian groups, appearing in the renown book [8], wantshuge memory resources to compute and store the results. We present a new faster and lighter version that drops the original array and pulls out group elements from integers.  Read More

تاثیر عدم قطعیت در برآورد پتانسیل خطر لرزه ای منطقه

Natasha Zamani; Asadollah Norzad; Anoushirvan Ansari

Volume 41, Issue 1 , March 2007, , Pages 61-69


  In this paper the effects of uncertainties in the estimation of seismic hazard parameters is considered. These uncertainties are the result of the intricacy of the matter, restriction in identifying the interfering factors and lack of ability in determining the effective elements. One of the methods ...  Read More

On the outer-connected reinforcement and bondage problems in bipartite graphs: the algorithmic complexity

Maliheh Hashemipour; Mohammadreza Hooshmandasl; Ali Shakiba

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, , Pages 63-74


  An outer connected dominating(OCD) set of a graph $G=(V,E)$ is a set $\tilde{D} \subseteq V$ such that every vertex not in $S$ is adjacent to a vertex in $S$, and the induced subgraph of $G$ by $V \setminus \tilde{D}$, i.e. $G [V \setminus \tilde{D}]$, is connected. The OCD number of $G$ is the smallest ...  Read More

A Closed-Form Solution for Two-Dimensional Diffusion Equation Using Crank-Nicolson Finite Difference Method

Iman Shojaei; Hossein Rahami

Volume 51, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 71-77


  In this paper a finite difference method for solving 2-dimensional diffusion equation is presented. The method employs Crank-Nicolson scheme to improve finite difference formulation and its convergence and stability. The obtained solution will be a recursive formula in each step of which a system of ...  Read More

Further results on odd mean labeling of some subdivision graphs

R. Vasuki; S. Suganthi; G. Pooranam

Volume 48, Issue 1 , December 2016, , Pages 81-98


  Let G(V,E) be a graph with p vertices and q edges. A graph G is said to have an odd mean labeling if there exists a function f : V (G) → {0, 1, 2,...,2q - 1} satisfying f is 1 - 1 and the induced map f* : E(G) → {1, 3, 5,...,2q - 1} defi ned by f*(uv) = (f(u) + f(v))/2 if f(u) ...  Read More

Tenacity and some other Parameters of Interval Graphs can be computed in polynomial time

Dara Moazzami; Niloofar Vahdat

Volume 50, issue 2 , December 2018, , Pages 81-87


  In general, computation of graph vulnerability parameters is NP-complete. In past, some algorithms were introduced to prove that computation of toughness, scattering number, integrity and weighted integrity parameters of interval graphs are polynomial. In this paper, two different vulnerability parameters ...  Read More

Vulnerability in Networks - A Survey

Dara Moazzami

Volume 50, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 109-118


  The analysis of vulnerability in networks generally involves some questionsabout how the underlying graph is connected. One is naturally interestedin studying the types of disruption in the network that maybe causedby failures of certain links or nodes. In terms of a graph, the concept ofconnectedness ...  Read More

بررسی تأثیر فرآیند اکستروژن بر ریزساختار و استحکام کامپوزیت Al6061-SiC

Amir Pakdel; Masoud Emami; Hassan Farhangi; Mohammad Habibi Parsa

Volume 43, Issue 2 , July 2009, , Pages 159-167


  Al-SiC composites are among the most demanding metal matrix composites due to their excellent strength, good ductility, good corrosion resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion and reasonable price. Manufacturing of cast metal matrix composites usually involves some problems such as inhomogeneous ...  Read More