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پهنه‌بندی خطرات ژئوتکنیکی لرزه‌ای در نوار ساحلی دریای خزر

Solmaz Babakan; Mehdi Zare; Hossein Memarian

Volume 43, Issue 3 , September 2009, , Pages 229-238


  Natural hazards are among destructive agents that annually take thousands of lives and impose devastating damages in Iran. Spotting such a high risk areas can help reducing the amount of their probable risk. A 1:500000 liquefaction and landslide hazard zonation map developed for the southern shoreline ...  Read More

(به‌کارگیری رهیافت نیومارک برای تحلیل آسیب‌پذیری و ریسک زمین‌لرزه در معادن روباز (مطالعه موردی: معدن مس سرچشمه

Majid Meybodian; Hossein Memarian; Mehdi Zare

Volume 43, Issue 3 , September 2009, , Pages 325-336


  Sarcheshmeh copper mine, with the final reserves of 828 million tons of sulfur ore and average grade of 0.74%, is known to be the largest open pit of Iran and most probably the second largest copper mine in the world. This mine is located in the seismotectonic zone of Central-Iran, and 23 Km away from ...  Read More

روش بهینه انتخاب مته برای حفاری های نفت و گاز ایران

Vahid Azizi; Hossein Memarian; Arash Khosravi

Volume 42, Issue 5 , September 2008, , Pages 553-564


  Numerous parameters influence bit selection process, which considering all them is not normally feasible. Existing methods use limited number of these parameters to choose a suitable bit for a specific drilling condition. One of the widely used methods is cost per foot. Specific energy and drilling strength ...  Read More