The Journal of Algorithms and Computation is an international open access being published in English. This Journal is a continuation of Journal of Faculty of Engineering "FANI" at University of Tehran. It has been publishing in Persian language from 1980 to 2012. The Journal of "Fani" published 43 volumes during this period. Following 2012, the Faculty of Engineering has concluded to have several journals in English Language. These journals cover different majors and different Engineering disciplines. Journal of Algorithms and Computation will publish its 44th volume in English and we hope to successively resume this direction for future volumes.

The aim of Journal of Algorithms and Computation is to bring together research papers in different areas of algorithmic and applicable discrete mathematics as well as applications of combinatorial mathematics to informatics and various areas of science and technology. Contributions presented to the journal can be research papers, short notes, surveys, and possibly research problems. The "Communications" section will be devoted to the fastest possible publication of the brief outlines of recent research results, the detailed presentation of which might be submitted for possible publication in Journal of Algorithms and Computation or elsewhere. The journal will also publish a limited number of book announcements as well as proceedings of conferences. These proceedings will be fully refereed and adhere to the normal standards of the journal.

Journal of Algorithms and Computation covers the very broad areas of algorithms and computing in general. The scope of this Journal includes both theoretical and applied research from these fields. The main aim of the Journal is to promote the exchange of ideas in this active research Community. The specific themes targeted for Journal of Algorithms and Computation are Computational Geometry, Algorithms and Data Structures, Approximation Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Graph Drawing and Graph Algorithms, Combinatorial Algorithms, Graphs in Bioinformatics, String Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Computational Biology, Computational Finance, Cryptography, and Parallel and distributed algorithms.

To respect the codes of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) is our belief and Double Blind Review is our policy. The journal editors try to create an atmosphere where all scholars are treated justly and find this journal as their home.