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کنترل مسیر خودکار میکرو زیردریایی 3 درجه آزادی با الهام از حرکت کوسه‌ماهی

Abdorrasoul Mayyahi; Aghil Yousefikoma; Ali Rangin Kaman; Hesam Maleki

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 555-565


  An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with less noise and vortices as well as efficient power consumption, is pursued in this research by inspiration of shark swimming. Design, hydrodynamic analysis, modeling, fabrication, navigation, and control of this novel AUV is the main goal of this research. ...  Read More

شبیه‌سازی المان محدود فرایند برش متعامد و تعیین ضخامت لایه چسبنده به ابزار در ناحیه دوم برش

Vahid Norouzifard; Aghil Yousefikoma

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 583-595


  The built up layer thickness in secondary deformation zone is one of the important parameters in metal cutting process. The built up layer (BUL) is formed in second deformation zone near the tool-chip interface in the back of the chip. This parameter influences the tool life and machined surface quality. ...  Read More

شناسایی سیستم و طراحی کنترل بهینه با استفاده از الگوریتم ژنتیک برای کنترل ارتعاشات یک بال هوشمند

Hossein Shahi; Aghil Yousefikoma; Ali Reza Mehrabian

Volume 42, Issue 1 , April 2008, , Pages 119-130


  A solution to the problem of identification and control of smart structures is presented in this paper. Smart structures with build-in sensors and actuators can actively and adaptively change their physical geometry and properties. As a particular example, a representative dynamic model of a typical ...  Read More