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ارزیابی عملکرد نوارهای پیچیده شده درافزایش انتقال حرارت چگالشی و تأثیر آن برمیزان افت فشار

Mohammad Ali Akhavan; Vahid Hejazi

Volume 43, Issue 1 , April 2009, , Pages 1-9


  In this research, heat transfer enhancement and simultaneous effect of that on pressure drop inside condensers with twisted tape inserts are investigated. A refrigeration system is designed for attaining to maximum level of heat transfer with minimum pressure drop. The test condenser is a double pipe ...  Read More

Constructions of antimagic labelings for some families of regular graphs

Martin Baca; Mirka Miller; Oudone Phanalasy; Andrea Semanicova-Fenovcıkova

Volume 44, Issue 1 , December 2013, , Pages 1-7


  In this paper we construct antimagic labelings of the regular complete multipartite graphs and we also extend the construction to some families of regular graphs.  Read More

Skolem Odd Difference Mean Graphs

P. Jeyanthi; D. Ramya; R. Kalaiyarasi

Volume 45, Issue 1 , December 2014, , Pages 1-12


  In this paper we define a new labeling called skolem odd difference mean labeling and investigate skolem odd difference meanness of some standard graphs. Let G = (V,E) be a graph with p vertices and q edges. G is said be skolem odd difference mean if there exists a function f : V (G) → {0, 1, 2, 3, ...  Read More

Totally magic cordial labeling of some graphs

P. Jeyanthi; N. Angel Benseera

Volume 46, Issue 1 , December 2015, , Pages 1-8


  A graph G is said to have a totally magic cordial labeling with constant C if there exists a mapping f : V (G) ∪ E(G) → {0, 1} such that f(a) + f(b) + f(ab) ≡ C (mod 2) for all ab ∈ E(G) and |nf (0) − nf (1)| ≤ 1, where nf (i) (i = 0, 1) is the sum of ...  Read More

3-difference cordial labeling of some cycle related graphs

R. Ponraj; M. Maria Adaickalam

Volume 47, Issue 1 , June 2016, , Pages 1-10


  Let G be a (p, q) graph. Let k be an integer with 2 ≤ k ≤ p and f from V (G) to the set {1, 2, . . . , k} be a map. For each edge uv, assign the label |f(u) − f(v)|. The function f is called a k-difference cordial labeling of G if |νf (i) − vf (j)| ≤ 1 and ...  Read More

Deciding Graph non-Hamiltonicity via a Closure Algorithm

E. R. Swart; Stephen J. Gismondi; N. R. Swart; C. E. Bell; A. Lee

Volume 48, Issue 1 , December 2016, , Pages 1-35


  We present a matching and LP based heuristic algorithm that decides graph non-Hamiltonicity. Each of the n! Hamilton cycles in a complete directed graph on n + 1 vertices corresponds with each of the n! n-permutation matrices P, such that pu,i = 1 if and only if the ith arc in a cycle enters vertex u, ...  Read More

A novel algorithm to determine the leaf (leaves) of a binary tree from its preorder and postorder traversals

N. Aghaieabiane; H. Koppelaar; Peyman Nasehpour

Volume 49, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 1-11


  Binary trees are essential structures in Computer Science. The leaf (leaves) of a binary tree is one of the most significant aspects of it. In this study, we prove that the order of a leaf (leaves) of a binary tree is the same in the main tree traversals; preorder, inorder, and postorder. Then, we prove ...  Read More

Sharp Upper bounds for Multiplicative Version of Degree Distance and Multiplicative Version of Gutman Index of Some Products of Graphs

R. Muruganandam; R.S. Manikandan; M.Aruvi Aruvi

Volume 50, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 1-28


  In $1994,$ degree distance  of a graph was introduced by Dobrynin, Kochetova and Gutman. And Gutman proposed the Gutman index of a graph in $1994.$ In this paper, we introduce the concepts of  multiplicative version of degree distance and the multiplicative version of Gutman index of a graph. ...  Read More

$Z_k$-Magic Labeling of Some Families of Graphs

P. Jeyanthi; K. Jeyadaisy

Volume 50, issue 2 , December 2018, , Pages 1-12


  For any non-trivial abelian group A under addition a graph $G$ is said to be $A$-\textit{magic}  if there exists a labeling $f:E(G) \rightarrow A-\{0\}$ such that, the vertex labeling $f^+$  defined as $f^+(v) = \sum f(uv)$ taken over all edges $uv$ incident at $v$ is a constant. An $A$-\textit{magic} ...  Read More

Sweep Line Algorithm for Convex Hull Revisited

Keivan Borna

Volume 51, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 1-14


  Convex hull of some given points is the intersection of all convex sets containing them. It is used as primary structure in many other problems in computational geometry and other areas like image processing, model identification, geographical data systems, and triangular computation of a set of points ...  Read More

PD-prime cordial labeling of graphs

R Ponraj; S SUBBULAKSHMI; S Somasundaram

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, , Pages 1-7


  \vspace{0.2cm} Let $G$ be a graph and $f:V(G)\rightarrow \{1,2,3,.....\left|V(G)\right|\}$ be a bijection. Let $p_{uv}=f(u)f(v)$ and\\ $ d_{uv}= \begin{cases} \left[\frac{f(u)}{f(v)}\right] ~~if~~ f(u) \geq f(v)\\ \\ \left[\frac{f(v)}{f(u)}\right] ~~if~~ f(v) \geq f(u)\\ \end{cases} $\\ for all edge ...  Read More

On the optimization of Dombi non-linear programming

A. Ghodousian; Fatemeh Elyasimohammadi

Volume 52, Issue 1 , June 2020, , Pages 1-36


  Dombi family of t-norms includes a parametric family of continuous strict t-norms, whose members are increasing functions of the parameter. This family of t-norms covers the whole spectrum of t-norms when the parameter is changed from zero to infinity. In this paper, we study a nonlinear optimization ...  Read More

$4$-total mean cordial labeling in subdivision graphs

R Ponraj; S SUBBULAKSHMI; S Somasundaram

Volume 52, Issue 2 , December 2020, , Pages 1-11


  Let $G$ be a graph. Let $f:V\left(G\right)\rightarrow \left\{0,1,2,\ldots,k-1\right\}$ be a function where $k\in \mathbb{N}$ and $k>1$. For each edge $uv$, assign the label $f\left(uv\right)=\left\lceil \frac{f\left(u\right)+f\left(v\right)}{2}\right\rceil$.  $f$ is called $k$-total mean cordial ...  Read More

Fr\'echet-Like Distances between Two Rooted Trees

Elena Farahbakhsh Touli

Volume 53, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 1-12


  The purpose of this paper is to extend the definition of Fr\'echet distance which measures the distance between two curves to a distance (Fr\'echet-Like distance) which measures the similarity between two rooted trees.In this paper, I prove that the Fr\'echet-Like distance between two trees is SNP-hard ...  Read More

Pair mean cordial labeling of graphs

R Ponraj; S Prabhu

Volume 54, Issue 1 , June 2022, , Pages 1-10


  In this paper, we introduce a new graph labeling called pair mean cordial labeling of graphs. Also, we investigate the pair mean cordiality of some graphs like path, cycle, complete graph, star, wheel, ladder, and comb.  Read More

$4$-total mean cordial labeling of spider graph

R Ponraj; S SUBBULAKSHMI; Prof.Dr M.Sivakumar

Volume 55, Issue 1 , June 2023, , Pages 1-9


  Let $G$ be a graph. Let $f:V\left(G\right)\rightarrow \left\{0,1,2,\ldots,k-1\right\}$ be a function where $k\in \mathbb{N}$ and $k>1$. For each edge $uv$, assign the label $f\left(uv\right)=\left\lceil \frac{f\left(u\right)+f\left(v\right)}{2}\right\rceil$. $f$ is called a $k$-total mean cordial ...  Read More

All Ramsey (2K2,C4)−Minimal Graphs

Kristiana Wijaya; Lyra Yulianti; Edy Tri Baskoro; Hilda Assiyatun; Djoko Suprijanto

Volume 46, Issue 1 , December 2015, , Pages 9-25


  Let F, G and H be non-empty graphs. The notation F → (G,H) means that if any edge of F is colored by red or blue, then either the red subgraph of F con- tains a graph G or the blue subgraph of F contains a graph H. A graph F (without isolated vertices) is called a Ramsey ...  Read More

A Survey on Complexity of Integrity Parameter

Mahmood Shabankhah

Volume 47, Issue 1 , June 2016, , Pages 11-19


  Many graph theoretical parameters have been used to describe the vulnerability of communication networks, including toughness, binding number, rate of disruption, neighbor-connectivity, integrity, mean integrity, edgeconnectivity vector, l-connectivity and tenacity. In this paper we discuss Integrity ...  Read More

بررسی تأثیر دما و طول اواپراتور و تعداد خم‌‌های لوله حرارتی ضربانی در عملکرد آن

Hossein Shokouhmand; Hafez Bahrami

Volume 42, Issue 1 , April 2008, , Pages 77-86


  In this study an analytical model for open loop pulsating heat pipes (PHPs) is presented. The model predicts the effect of different parameters such as evaporator temperature, length of evaporator, filling ratio, number of turn and tube diameter on PHP's performance. The governing equations in two phase ...  Read More

بهینه‌سازی توپولوژی سازه‌های صفحه‌ای به کمک روش SIMP و حذف مناطق شطرنجی

Kazem Ghobra'ee; Soheil Mohammadi

Volume 41, Issue 1 , March 2007, , Pages 91-102


  The SIMP approach is one of the most frequently used methods for topology optimization of structures. In this method, the relative density is expressed as a function of coordinates and varies from 0 to 1 within the design domain. Relative densities of 0 and 1 are associated to the existence and non-existence ...  Read More

بررسی عملکرد جذب گاز دی اکسید گوگرد در یک برج جذب سینی‌دار بدون ناودان با محلول قلیایی کربنات سدیم

Ali Asghar Hamidi; Asghar Sedighzadeh; Monireh Taherkhani; Ali Reza Kamizi

Volume 42, Issue 2 , May 2008, , Pages 157-163


  In this investigation, the performance of a tower for absorption of sulphur dioxide gas into calcium carbonate solution has been studied. The trays had no downcomer and the tower itself was a scaled down pilot from industrial equipment. The industrial scale tower was used for clean up of 110000 m3/hr ...  Read More

بررسی رفتار عملیات حرارتی و خواص مکانیکی کامپوزیت های /Gr2024Al تولید شده با روش متالورژی پودردرجا

Arman Zare'i Bidaki; Farshad Akhlaghi

Volume 43, Issue 2 , July 2009, , Pages 177-184


  In this study, Al/Gr composites with 5,10,15,20 weight percent of graphite were produced by in-situ powder metallurgy method. The produced powder mixtures were consolidated and sintered at optimum conditions. The resultant composites were solution treated at 495?C and aged at 170?C. The influence of ...  Read More

تأثیر شرایط مختلف فلوتاسیون بر بازیابی کانههای اکسیده سرب و روی معدن گوشفیل

Amir Kheyrabadi; Mohammad Noparast; Soheila Aslani; Ali Ghorbani

Volume 43, Issue 3 , September 2009, , Pages 249-257


  The lead and zinc sample from Goosh-e-Fill mine with 2.4%Pb, 8.0%Zn and 10.0% Fe, was used in different flotation experiments to recover lead and zinc minerals. The valuable minerals in prepared sample were oxidized and the results showed that the lead minerals floated at pH= 9.5 and 11.5, probably it ...  Read More

ررسی وتعیین پارامترهای موثر در استخراج کاتیونهای Mn2+ و Cu2+ از بستر جامد توسط سیال فوق بحرانی

Zahra Mansourpour; Shohreh Fatemi; Ali Reza Khanchi

Volume 41, Issue 2 , July 2007, , Pages 253-262


  Feasibility of using Cyanex 301, as the auxiliary agent, for supercritical extraction of Cupper and Manganese cations from solid matrix was studied statistically. The amount of extraction is influenced by several parameters, such as amount of ligand, pressure, temperature, SCCO2 flow rate, time of extraction ...  Read More