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1 Department of Mathematics Sri Parakalyani College Alwarkurichi -627 412, India

2 Research Scholar, Register number: 18124012091054, Department of Mathematics, Manonmaniam sundarnar university, Abishekapatti, Tirunelveli-627012, Tamilnadu, India


Let $G$ be a $(p,q)$ graph. Let $f:V(G)\to\{1,2, \ldots, k\}$ be a map where $k \in \mathbb{N}$ and $k>1$. For each edge $uv$, assign the label $\gcd(f(u),f(v))$. $f$ is called $k$-Total prime cordial labeling of $G$ if $\left|t_{f}(i)-t_{f}(j)\right|\leq 1$, $i,j \in \{1,2, \cdots,k\}$ where $t_{f}(x)$ denotes the total number of vertices and the edges labelled with $x$. A graph with a $k$-total prime cordial labeling is called $k$-total prime cordial graph. In this paper we investigate the $4$-total prime cordial labeling of some graphs like Prism, Helm, Dumbbell graph, Sun flower graph.