A security aware workflow scheduling in hybrid cloud based on PSO algorithm

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Computer Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran

2 Faculty of Computer Engineering, Yazd University


In real world, organization's requirements for high performance resources and high
capacity storage devices encourage them to use resources in public clouds.
While private cloud provides security and low cost for scheduling workflow,
public clouds provide a higher scale, potentially exposed to the risk of data and
computation breach, and need to pay the costs. Task scheduling, therefore, is one
of the most important problems in cloud computing.
In this paper, a new scheduling method is proposed for workflow applications
in hybrid cloud considering security. Sensitivity of tasks has been considered in recent
works; we, however, consider security requirement for data and security strength for
resources. The proposed scheduling method is implemented in Particle Swarm \linebreak
Optimization (PSO) algorithm. Our proposed 
algorithm considers minimizing
security distance,
that is maximizing similarity of security between data and resources. It, meanwhile,
follows time and budget constraints. Through analysis of experimental results,
it is shown that the proposed algorithm has selected resources with the most security
similarity while user constraints are satisfied.