Document Type : Research Paper



In this work the effect of the accuracy of a FAE detonation modeling on the generated blast wave is investigated. First, a one-dimensional numerical simulation with a reduced chemical kinetics of C2H2-O2-Ar, involving 25 elementary reactions, is used as the base model. The properties of the blast calculated with this model is compared with those of simpler models, the similarity solution of Taylor, the constant volume (CV) explosion model, and the CJ-burn model. It is found that the result of Taylor's similarity model is in very good agreement with the result of the base model. The blast properties that calculated with the CJ-burn model are also in close agreement with those of the base and Taylor's models. However, the CV model prediction shows considerable difference with the base model. Considering the computational cost and the accuracy, the Taylor's model is recommended as the favorite model for the calculation of the FAE blast properties.