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The lead and zinc sample from Goosh-e-Fill mine with 2.4%Pb, 8.0%Zn and 10.0% Fe, was used in different flotation experiments to recover lead and zinc minerals. The valuable minerals in prepared sample were oxidized and the results showed that the lead minerals floated at pH= 9.5 and 11.5, probably it can be due to existence of two or more types of lead minerals. The best result was achieved for the particle finer than 100 micron. In zinc minerals flotation, the results of various collectors consumption showed that the zinc recovery was low and the major part of zinc was not recovered. In the best condition, with ARMAC-T as collector, the zinc recovery was 27% by grade of 22% Zn. Therefore flotation isn’t suitable process for zinc recovery but the lead recovery reached to 70% with more than 40% Pb grade.