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Induction Motor especially the squirrel cage type of this motor plays important role in industry. According to the application type, this motor place against various stresses that are caused failure in the motor. The most common failure is related to the Stator winding. Among these failures are turn-to-turn, coil-to-coil and phase to phase faults. Flow the high current do to the induction results in phase-to-phase failures cause the very high heat production and ultimately lead to phase to body faults. In order to extract diagnosis patterns to identify the healthy machine from Faulty machine, it needs to exact modeling of that failure type. Among of the modeling methods, the methods based on the analysis of magnetic field and geometric situation and consider the construction machines, have a high accuracy. Magnetic equivalent circuit methods in addition to the above features have the ability to model spatiotemporal Harmonics. For this reason, this method gets the more accurate modeling results inspect to other methods. In this paper, first presents a 3 hp machine modeling using magnetic equivalent circuit in different working conditions including healthy, the turn-to-turn, coil-to-coil and phase to phase, Then the models are simulated. Comparison with results obtained from the proposed models and experimental results verified and approved the accuracy of proposed methods.