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The higher frequency transient signals generated as a result of a power system fault or disturbance provide the basis for an alternative approach to power system containing connectors and cables result in unsuitable operation of the system. However one major challenge is the need to ensure that the transients to be neutralized by electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues and cabling routes.
This paper proposes novel method for optimal cable routings and connectors; a combinatorial design Algorithm, to choose the best path when two or more physical paths are available. The best path from EMC point of view can be chosen based upon various criteria such as monetary cost minimization, voltage drop and quality (electromagnetic compatibility) parameters. This paper initially provides a numerical 2D and 3D resolution of the problems of radiation generated by current sources. The approach is based on the finite element method (FEM) associated with absorbing boundary conditions. The presented model makes it possible to consider wave propagation and their effects in heterogeneous mediums in transient which can be applied in EMC for the simulation of radiation. First, the formulations of the electromagnetic problem are detailed. The simulation results are used for the cabling routes with respect to undesirable field distribution in the specified regions. Finally by the use of Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) optimal routes for cabling based upon the above mentioned criteria are chosen. The proposed method is successfully implemented on 25kA current injection transformer system".