Exergy Optimization Applied to Linear Parabolic

Document Type : Research Paper



A new method of optimization on linear parabolic solar collectors using exergy analysis is presented. A comprehensive mathematical modeling of thermal and optical performance is simulated and geometrical and thermodynamic parameters were assumed as optimization variables. By applying a derived expression for exergy efficiency, exergy losses were generated and the optimum design and operating conditions, were investigated. The objective function (exergy efficiency) along with constraint equations constitutes a four-degree freedom optimization problem. Using Lagrange multipliers method, the optimization procedure was applied to a typical collector and the optimum design point was extracted. The optimum values of collector inlet temperature, oil mass flow rate, concentration ratio and glass envelope diameter are calculated simultaneously by numerical solution of a highly non-linear equations system. To study the effect of changes in optimization variables on the collected exergy, the sensitivity of optimization to changes in collector parameters and operating conditions is evaluated and variation of exergy fractions at this point are studied.