Document Type : Research Paper



Breakwaters are the important and the costly ones of the marine structures. Composite breakwater is one of the common types in the world. Because of the progress in marine industry in Iran in recent years, designers have noticed this structure. Because of the sensitivity of composite breakwater to environmental conditions, also construction costs, difficulty of repair and maintenance and importance of structures on and behind the breakwater, design of composite breakwater must be very accurate. Estimation of optimum dimensions of composite breakwater in different hydraulic and geotechnique conditions of sea is an important problem for engineers. In this research with regard to a nonlinear wave field in front of structure, its dimensions have been optimized in various hydraulic and geotechnique conditions. The results of this research have been expressed in some applied graphs for optimum design of composite breakwaters. By using of these graphs designer can estimate optimum dimensions of structure in various conditions. So, a noticeable reduction in costs will occur. Additionally, results of this research can be used for attentively design of these structures in different environmental conditions of sea.