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Control Systems such as Anti Lock Brake Systems (ABS) and Traction Control Systems (TCS) are vastly used in most vehicles as to enhance the safety of the systems. These systems have many virtues on controlling the dynamics of vehicles, but they only control the longitudinal dynamics of the vehicle directly and the lateral dynamics of vehicle is not controlled because they do not receive any feedback from the lateral dynamics parameters. Therefore they cannot recognize the critical situations. In the preceding essay, by implementing the rotational velocity sensors and lateral accelerometers in addition to the ABS sensors, a developed control system is designed in which lateral motion is controlled in addition to the longitudinal motion. In order to derive the control laws and measuring system's indefinite parameters, a 7-DOF model was used. The designed control system has two layers, which the upper layer is based on PID and the lower layer was designed upon the Sliding Mode Control (SMC). For measuring parameters, the least square with exponential forgetting was used. In order to verify the control system a 14-DOF model with a nonlinear tire model was used.