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In this paper conjugated heat transfer in thermal entrance region through the sinusoidal wavy channel has been investigated. The fluid flow is assumed to be laminar, steady state, incompressible, and hydrodynamically fully developed. A constant heat flux is assumed to be applied on the outer edge of the channel wall. In this study the governing equations including continuity, momentum and energy are solved numerically by a finite volume method (SIMPLE). The flow field for different Reynolds numbers has been obtained using this flow field, pressure loss and skin friction coefficient have been calculated. Also temperature field in both solid and fluid for wide range of effective parameters in conjugated heat transfer such as Peclet number, solid-fluid conductivity ratio and solid thicknesses have been investigated. From the obtained numerical results for thermal field effects of conjugated heat transfer characteristics on fluid mean bulk temperature, solid-fluid interface temperature, solid-fluid interface heat flux and Nusselt number have been calculated. The obtained results have been compared with available numerical and experimental data and a good agreement is achieved.