Document Type : Research Paper



Dimensional accuracy in machined parts depends on the precision of spindle, which is highly affected by applied forces, itself. This precision of spindle becomes more serious when it is used for a period of long times. Therefore, stress and strain analysis of spindle is very important in the behavior and preservation of its precision. In this paper, the forces applied to the spindle of a turning machine are calculated and analyzed. Afterwards, the spindle is simulated with MSC Visual Nastran software and analyzed due to the application of boundary conditions. According to the spindle’s stress and strain, the modal analysis has been done and the natural frequencies of the spindle are determined. The results show that, the front bearing of the spindle is the critical section and its stress and strain will be increased with feed and depth of cut. When these feed rates and depths of cut become less, the created stresses at the least speed of spindle are more in comparison with the other speeds.