Document Type : Research Paper



In this paper, the response of hybrid composite laminate plate reinforced by the smart wires (shape memory or the SMA wires) subjected to low velocity impact is studied. The smart wires are embedded within the layers of the composite laminate. The effect of the smart wires on contact force history, and deflection of these structures is investigated. The first-order shear deformation theory as well as the Fourier series method is used to solve the governing equations of the composite plate analytically. The interaction between the impactor and the plate is modeled with the help of two degree-of-freedom system, consisting of springs-masses. The results obtained from this research were compared with some of the published papers and the accuracy of the present model is validated. The results indicated that some of the parameters like the orientation and the through thickness location of the smart wires will reduce the deflection of the structure, hence would increase the impact resistance, and the damage tolerance limit of the structure.