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One of the important issues in many of array systems such as Radar, Sonar, Mobile, and satellite telecommunications is the estimation of DOA of narrowband received signal. CRB is very important in evaluation of parameter estimation. CRB is the lower bound estimation error variance for any unbiased estimation. In this paper, the array antenna with equal distance arrays is extended in two separated subarrays. At first we study the lower bound of estimation error variance for Direction-of-Arrival in array antennas using CRB method. Then, with extending the above method, the estimation error variance for Direction-of-Arrival in array antennas with two separated subarrays is computed. It is observed that if the size of array increases, the estimation accuracy also increases. But the cost of array and complication of the system also increase. Therefore, we suggest using array antennas with separated subarrays. Furthermore, when signal to noise ratio in the communications system is low, by using of array antennas with two separated subarrays, the Direction-of-Arrival is estimated with high accuracy.
Simulation results show that as the distance between the two subarrays and the distance between the antennas increase, the estimation error variance decreases. It should be noted that the distance between antennas should not be more than wavelength of received signal. This causes the ambiguity in estimation and grows up the sidelobes