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تحلیل پایداری دیواره غربی معدن مس سرچشمه با استفاده از روش المان مجزای سه‌بعدی

Mehdi Mousavi; Ali Reza Yarahmadi Bafghi; Hamid Reza Bakhshi

Volume 43, Issue 3 , September 2009, , Pages 311-323


  In the past, rock slope stability analysis were performed either graphically or using a hand-held calculator, but nowadays there are variety of slope stability analysis which can be used according to the field condition and potential failure mode. In 2-D analysis, effect of convex and concave walls are ...  Read More

تعیین حد پائین واریانس خطای تخمین برای زاویه سیگنال دریافتی با استفاده از روش CRB در آنتن های آرایه ای

Hamid Reza Bakhshi; Azar Mahmoud Zadeh

Volume 41, Issue 5 , December 2007, , Pages 577-586


  One of the important issues in many of array systems such as Radar, Sonar, Mobile, and satellite telecommunications is the estimation of DOA of narrowband received signal. CRB is very important in evaluation of parameter estimation. CRB is the lower bound estimation error variance for any unbiased estimation. ...  Read More