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آنالیز تغییر شکل سطحی زمین در اثر زلزله 6 آذر 1384 جزیره قشم با استفاده از تصاویر راداری

Masoume Amighpey; Behzad Vosoughi; Maryam Dehghani

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 369-377


  An earthquake with the magnitude of 5.9 Mw occurred in Qeshm Island and Hormozgan province in November 27th 2005. 3D co-seismic deformation field caused by the earthquake are determined based on the ascending and descending interferograms and azimuth offsets. The peak to peak estimated displacement is ...  Read More

تعیین و پهنه‌بندی نرخ ممان لرزه‌ای ژئودزی: مطالعه خاص شبکه سراسری ژئودینامیک ایران

Zahra Mousavi; Behzad Vosoghi

Volume 42, Issue 3 , July 2008, , Pages 361-370


  A new and significant source of information on earthquake studies has been provided by space geodesy. The data which are gathered by various techniques of space geodesy, can quantify potential of seismic activity in the region of interest. To achieve this goal, the main advantage of extra-terrestrial ...  Read More

آنالیزتنشهای مکانیکی و حرارتی در اسپیندل ماشینهای تراش

Ramezanali Mahdavi Nejad; Mohammad Gholami Nejad Saniabadi

Volume 41, Issue 4 , November 2007, , Pages 525-533


  Dimensional accuracy in machined parts depends on the precision of spindle, which is highly affected by applied forces, itself. This precision of spindle becomes more serious when it is used for a period of long times. Therefore, stress and strain analysis of spindle is very important in the behavior ...  Read More