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An attributed network embedding method to predict missing links in protein-protein interaction networks

Ali Golzadeh; Ali Kamandi; Hossein Rahami

Volume 55, Issue 1 , June 2023, , Pages 79-99


  Predicting missing links in noisy protein-protein interaction networks is an essential~computational method. Recently, attributed network embedding methods have been shown to be significantly effective in generating low-dimensional representations of nodes to predict links; in these representations, ...  Read More

A New Numerical Solution for System of Linear Equations

Iman Shojaei; Hossein Rahami

Volume 53, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 23-39


  In this paper we have developed a numerical method for solving system of linear equations through taking advantages of properties of repetitive tridiagonal matrices. A system of linear equations is usually obtained in the final step of many science and engineering problems such as problems involving ...  Read More

A Numerical Method for Eigensolution of Tridiagonal Matrices

Iman Shojaei; Hossein Rahami

Volume 53, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 97-115


  In this paper we have developed an iterative method to solve eigenproblem for non-repetitive tridiagonal matrices. The importance of eigensolution for tridiagonal matrices is that in many algorithms the eigneproblem for an arbitrary matrix is first converted to the eigenproblem for a tridiagonal matrix ...  Read More

A Closed-Form Solution for Two-Dimensional Diffusion Equation Using Crank-Nicolson Finite Difference Method

Iman Shojaei; Hossein Rahami

Volume 51, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 71-77


  In this paper a finite difference method for solving 2-dimensional diffusion equation is presented. The method employs Crank-Nicolson scheme to improve finite difference formulation and its convergence and stability. The obtained solution will be a recursive formula in each step of which a system of ...  Read More

Vibration Analysis of Global Near-regular Mechanical Systems

Iman Shojaei; Hossein Rahami

Volume 49, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 113-118


  Some near-regular mechanical systems involve global deviations from their corresponding regular system. Despite extensive research on vibration analysis (eigensolution) of regular and local near-regular mechanical systems, the literature on vibration analysis of global near-regular mechanical systems ...  Read More