Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, The Madura College, Madurai


A fuzzy graph is a symmetric binary fuzzy relation on a fuzzy subset. The concept of fuzzy sets and fuzzy relations was introduced by L.A.Zadeh in 1965\cite{zl} and further studied\cite{ka}. It was Rosenfeld\cite{ra} who considered fuzzy relations on fuzzy sets and developed the theory of fuzzy graphs in 1975. The concepts of fuzzy trees, blocks, bridges and cut nodes in fuzzy graph has been studied\cite{mss}.
Computing chromatic sum of an arbitrary graph introduced by Kubica [1989] is known as NP-complete problem. Graph coloring is the most studied problem of combinatorial optimization. As an advancement fuzzy coloring of a fuzzy graph was defined by authors Eslahchi and Onagh in 2004, and later developed by them as Fuzzy vertex coloring\cite{eo} in 2006.This fuzzy vertex coloring was extended to fuzzy total coloring in terms of family of fuzzy sets by Lavanya. S and Sattanathan. R\cite{sls}. In this paper we are introducing \textquotedblleft Just Chromatic excellence in fuzzy graphs\textquotedblright.