Volume & Issue: Volume 49, Issue 2, December 2017 
2. Super Pair Sum Labeling of Graphs

Pages 13-22

R. Vasuki; S. Arockiaraj; P. Sugirtha

3. Just chromatic exellence in fuzzy graphs

Pages 23-32

M. Dharmalingam; R. Udaya Suriya

5. k-Remainder Cordial Graphs

Pages 41-52

R. Ponraj; K. Annathurai; R. Kala

11. Group $\{1, -1, i, -i\}$ Cordial Labeling of sum of $C_n$ and $K_m$ for some $m$

Pages 129-139

M.K.Karthik Chidambaram; S. Athisayanathan; R. Ponraj

12. Normalized Tenacity and Normalized Toughness of Graphs

Pages 141-159

A. Javan; M. Jafarpour; D. Moazzami; A. Moieni