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On the tenacity of cycle permutation graph

D. Jelodar; D. Moazzami; P. Nasehpour

Volume 48, Issue 1 , December 2016, , Pages 37-44


  A special class of cubic graphs are the cycle permutation graphs. A cycle permutation graph Pn( α) is defined by taking two vertex-disjoint cycles on n vertices and adding a matching between the vertices of the two cycles.In this paper we determine a good upper bound for tenacity of cycle permutation ...  Read More

Neutrosophic Soft $\alpha-$Open Set in Neutrosophic Soft Topological Spaces

Arif Mehmood; Fawad Nadeem; Choonkil Park; Giorgio Nordo; Humaira Kalsoom; Muhammad Rahim Khan; Naeem Abbas

Volume 52, Issue 1 , June 2020, , Pages 37-63


  In this paper, the notion of generalized neutrosophic soft open set (GNSOS) in neutrosophic soft  open set (GNSOS) in neutrosophic soft topological structures relative to neutrosophic soft points is introduced.The concept of generalized neutrosophic soft separation axioms in neutrosophic soft topological ...  Read More

کنترل فعال سازه ها با استفاده از روش انرژی

Seyyed Ali Alavi Nasab; Hamid Moharrami; Vahid Johari Majd; Mansour Zia'ee Fard; Amir Khajeh Pour

Volume 41, Issue 1 , March 2007, , Pages 81-90


  In this paper a new approach to formulation of active control of structures based on energy concepts and use of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) has been proposed. The suggested method eliminates the trial and error procedure in finding appropriate gain matrices in active control of structures. In this ...  Read More

استفاده از روش غنی شده بدون شبکه گلرکین در تعیین پارامتر های شکست صفحات FGM

Farzad Ebrahimi; Mohammad Hassan Naei

Volume 42, Issue 1 , April 2008, , Pages 107-118


  Stress-intensity factors (SIFs) are the most important parameters in fracture mechanics analysis of structures. These parameters are evaluated for a stationary crack in functionally graded plates of arbitrary geometry using a novel Galerkin based mesh-free method. The method involves an element-free ...  Read More

مطالعات آزمایشگاهی تراوایی نسبی دو فازی در سنگهای کربناته ایران

Amir Hossein Alizadeh; Ali Reza Keshavarz; Manouchehr Haghighi; Ali Reza Salehpour

Volume 42, Issue 2 , May 2008, , Pages 171-179


  In this paper, the effect of flow rate on relative permeability curves was investigated in Iranian carbonate rocks. Core samples were prepared from outcrop of Asmari formation. The dynamic displacement experiments were performed at 2.55, 3.55, 4.55 and 5.55 cc/hr during waterflooding and oilflooding. ...  Read More

بررسی متالورژیکی ابزارآلات‌ جنگی ایران باستان- ایلام - میانه

Nazli Shahidi; Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi; Yosra Pouyeshman

Volume 43, Issue 2 , July 2009, , Pages 185-195


  This study mainly concentrates on metallurgical structure of the ferrous ancient crafts, specially the discovered ferrous man-made pieces in Ilam which are aged more than 3000 years. The pieces were discovered in Ize a town located in the south east of Ahvaz , in the southern of Iran. The crafts include ...  Read More

شبیه‌سازی مدار خردایش کارخانه فسفات اسفوردی توسط نرم‌افزار BMCS

Ziaeddin Pourkarimi; Ali Dehghani Ahmadabadi; Mohammad Noparast; Seyyed Ziaeddin Shafaei; Mohammad Reza Soltani

Volume 43, Issue 3 , September 2009, , Pages 239-248


  Simulation of grinding circuits has being performed from 30 years ago and is also to be more complete and powerful approach with improvement of mathematical models which simulate various processing units/machines. The modeling and simulation of various mineral processing circuits are presently performed. ...  Read More

مدلسازی دیفرانسیلی خشک کردن مواد دوغابی و شبیه سازی عملکرد خشک کن افشانه ای

Mohammad Mehdi Montazer Rahmati; Seyyed Hossein Ghafeleh Bashi

Volume 41, Issue 2 , July 2007, , Pages 241-252


  Process control of a spray dryer that is usually used as the last step of production is very crucial in obtaining a quality standard product. To this end, predicting the effect of various operating and environmental parameters on product properties is essential. Modeling was done in microscopic and macroscopic ...  Read More

طراحی محدودة بهینه نهایی در معادن روباز با روش‌های اصلاح شدة مخروط شناور دو

Reza Khalou Kaka'i

Volume 41, Issue 3 , September 2007, , Pages 297-307


  With the advent and wide spread use of computers a number of algorithms have been developed to determine the optimum ultimate pit limits in open pit mining. The main objective of these algorithms is to find groups of blocks that should be removed to yield the maximum overall mining profit under specified ...  Read More

جانمایی دوربین در طراحی شبکه‌های فتوگرامتری صنعتی با استفاده از بهینه‌سازی تکاملی چندگانه

Mohammad Sa'adat Seresht; Farhad Samadzadegan

Volume 42, Issue 3 , July 2008, , Pages 313-326


  Nowadays, the subject of vision metrology network design is local enhancement of the existing network. In the other words, it has changed from first to third order design concept. To improve the network, locally, some new camera stations should be added to the network in drawback areas. The accuracy ...  Read More

جواب معادله پواسون غیر خطی با شرایط مرزی مخلوط به روش اجزاء محدود

Ghoamreza Shahriar Heshmati; Bahman Mehri

Volume 42, Issue 4 , August 2008, , Pages 385-390


  In this paper a method is presented in details to solve a nonlinear partial differential equation which has many applications in engineering fields. The boundary condition is mixed to be able to define the value of function on its variation on the boundary. Examples are given to demonstrate the accuracy ...  Read More

طراحی و اجرای GIS کاربردی جهت مکان یابی شهرک های صنعتی با استفاده از مدل‌های فازی، وزن های نشان‌گر و ژنتیک

Roozbeh Shad; Hamid Ebadi; Mohammad Sa'di Mesgari; Ali Vafaee Nejad

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 417-429


  Different industrial decision makers and managers in our country, try to select and organize locations for aggregating industrial units, estates and areas with respect to land use planning visions and industrial development strategies. In this regard, considering large quantity of the input data and ...  Read More

بررسی فرایند نورد متقارن ورق های سه لایه با استفاده از تابع جریان و تئوری حد بالا

Ahmad Assempour; Sa'eed As'adi

Volume 41, Issue 4 , November 2007, , Pages 485-497


  In this paper, a mathematical model for symmetrical multi-layer sheet rolling, in which the layers are unbounded before rolling, by using the upper bound method and stream function theorem is proposed. Using this model, we can investigate the plastic deformation behavior of sheets at the roll gap during ...  Read More

اثر DVR بر بهبود کمبود و بیشبود ولتاژ سیستم توزیع در شرایط هارمونیکی (یادداشت فنی)

Arash Tavighi; Saeed Afsharnia; Hassan Monsef

Volume 43, Issue 5 , September 2009, , Pages 611-617


  Today, with attention to increase in sensitive electrical equipments application in distribution networks and their susceptibility to the power quality deficiencies, the protection necessity of sensitive loads against undesirable effects of these disturbances are in focus. So, in this paper voltage sag ...  Read More

مدل و الگوریتم یک مساله کنترل موجودی با در نظر گرفتن هزینه حمل و نقل

Fariborz Jolai; Reza Tavakolli Moghaddam; Jafar Razmi; Pedaram Sahba

Volume 41, Issue 7 , February 2009, , Pages 873-885


  In this paper, a supplier-retailer transportation system is investigated as a two-echelon environment. There is a single location in each echelon; the unique supplier at the first echelon has to replenish the retailer's warehouse at the second echelon. By the way, the shortage situation should be avoided. ...  Read More

بررسی مشخصه های حلال NMP در فرآیند جداسازی برش C4 به روش تقطیر استخراجی

Hossein Abolghasemi; Hadis Khakbaz

Volume 42, Issue 8 , February 2009, , Pages 969-974


  1,3-Butadiene, BD is produced from C4-cut by extractive distillation. The separation of 1,3-Butadiene from C4-cut is not possible through the conventional distillation processes, because several mixtures have consisted of close boiling points constituents and make azeotrope. The BASF extraction distillation ...  Read More

تحلیل کرانه فوقانی اکستروژن مستقیم چرخ دنده های ساده باپروفیل دندانه اصلاح شده

Ehsan Khademi; Heshmatollah Haghighat

Volume 43, Issue 1 , April 2009, , Pages 21-29


  This paper describes an upper bound analysis of cold forward extrusion of spur gears with modified tooth profile. Spur gear geometrical parameters such as module, number of teeth, pressure angle, bore radius and addendum modification factor were input to a computer program written in Visual Basic. Then ...  Read More

Just chromatic exellence in fuzzy graphs

M. Dharmalingam; R. Udaya Suriya

Volume 49, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 23-32


  A fuzzy graph is a symmetric binary fuzzy relation on a fuzzy subset. The concept of fuzzy sets and fuzzy relations was introduced by L.A.Zadeh in 1965\cite{zl} and further studied\cite{ka}. It was Rosenfeld\cite{ra} who considered fuzzy relations on fuzzy sets and developed the theory of fuzzy graphs ...  Read More