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PD-prime cordial labeling of graphs

R Ponraj; S SUBBULAKSHMI; S Somasundaram

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 1-7


  \vspace{0.2cm} Let $G$ be a graph and $f:V(G)\rightarrow \{1,2,3,.....\left|V(G)\right|\}$ be a bijection. Let $p_{uv}=f(u)f(v)$ and\\ $ d_{uv}= \begin{cases} \left[\frac{f(u)}{f(v)}\right] ~~if~~ f(u) \geq f(v)\\ \\ \left[\frac{f(v)}{f(u)}\right] ~~if~~ f(v) \geq f(u)\\ \end{cases} $\\ for all edge ...  Read More

Fr{\'e}chet and Hausdorff Queries on $x$-Monotone Trajectories

Zeinab Saeidi; Mohammad Farshi

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 9-17


  \vspace{0.2cm}In this paper, we design a data structure for the following problem. Let $\pi$ be an $x$-monotone trajectory with $n$ vertices in the plane and $\epsilon >0$. We show how to preprocess $\pi$ and $\epsilon$ into a data structure such that for any horizontal query segment $Q$ in the plane, ...  Read More

A generalization of zero-divisor graphs

Peyman Nasehpour

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 35-45


  In this paper, we introduce a family of graphs which is a generalization of zero-divisor graphs and compute an upper-bound for the diameter of such graphs. We also investigate their cycles and cores  Read More

Efficient Approximation Algorithms for Point-set Diameter in Higher Dimensions

Mahdi Imanparast; Seyed Naser Hashemi; Ali Mohades

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 47-61


  We study the problem of computing the diameter of a  set of $n$ points in $d$-dimensional Euclidean space for a fixed dimension $d$, and propose a new $(1+\varepsilon)$-approximation algorithm with $O(n+ 1/\varepsilon^{d-1})$ time and $O(n)$ space, where $0 < \varepsilon\leqslant 1$. We also ...  Read More

On the outer-connected reinforcement and bondage problems in bipartite graphs: the algorithmic complexity

Maliheh Hashemipour; Mohammadreza Hooshmandasl; Ali Shakiba

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 63-74


  An outer connected dominating(OCD) set of a graph $G=(V,E)$ is a set $\tilde{D} \subseteq V$ such that every vertex not in $S$ is adjacent to a vertex in $S$, and the induced subgraph of $G$ by $V \setminus \tilde{D}$, i.e. $G [V \setminus \tilde{D}]$, is connected. The OCD number of $G$ is the smallest ...  Read More

Maximum Zagreb Indices Among All $p-$Quasi $k-$Cyclic Graphs

Ali Reza Ashrafi; Ali Ghalavand

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 75-82


  \vspace{0.2cm}Suppose $G$ is a simple and connected graph. The first and second Zagreb indices of $G$ are two degree-based graph invariants defined as $M_1(G) = \sum_{v \in V(G)}deg(v)^2$ and $M_2(G) = \sum_{e=uv \in E(G)}deg(u)deg(v)$, respectively. The graph $G$ is called $p-$quasi $k-$cyclic, if there ...  Read More

Eye Tracking for Autism Disorder Analysis using Image Processing

Zohre Kiapasha; Iraj Mahdavi; Hamed Fazlollahtabar; Zahra Kiapasha

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 83-98


  Analyzing eyes performance is essential for effective functioning of human. Therefore, following their motion could help doctors to make quick and accurate diagnoses for disorders like Autism, schizophrenia, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Recently, several studies investigated autism disorder ...  Read More

Minimum Spanning Tree of Imprecise Points Under $L_1$-metric

Amir Mesrikhani; Mohammad Farshi; Behnam Iranfar

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 99-110


  Let $S$ be a set of imprecise points that is represented by axis-aligned pairwise disjoint squares in the plane. A precise instance of $S$ is a set of points, one from each region of $S$. In this paper, we study the optimal minimum spanning tree (\textit{OptMST}) problem on $S$. The \textit{OptMST} problem ...  Read More

Xerus Optimization Algorithm (XOA): a novel nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm for solving global optimization problems

Farnood Samie Yousefi; Noushin Karimian; Amin Ghodousian

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 111-126


  Over the recent years, many research has been carried out on applying the optimization approach to science and engineering problems. Thereby, numerous metaheuristic algorithms have been developed for solving such type of challenge. Despite an increase in the number of these algorithms, there is currently ...  Read More

Tenacious Graph is NP-hard

Dara Moazzami

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 127-134


  The tenacity of a graph $G$, $T(G)$, is defined by$T(G) = min\{\frac{\mid S\mid +\tau(G-S)}{\omega(G-S)}\}$, where theminimum is taken over all vertex cutsets $S$ of $G$. We define$\tau(G - S)$ to be the number of the vertices in the largestcomponent of the graph $G-S$, and $\omega(G-S)$ be the number ...  Read More

A Review of Replica Replacement Techniques in Grid Computing and Cloud Computing

Najme Mansouri; Mohammad Masoud Javidi

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, Pages 134-151


  A data-intensive computing platform, encountered in some grid and cloud computing applications, includes numerous tasks that process, transfer or analysis large data files. In such environments, there are large and geographically distributed users that need these huge data. Data management is one of ...  Read More