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بررسی منحنی عبور در فرآیند جذب سطحی اسید سیتریک توسط رزین آنیونی و ارایه یک مدل ریاضی

Sohrabali Ghorbanian; Hossein Abolghasemi; Seyyed Mohammad Ali Mousavian

Volume 41, Issue 2 , July 2007, , Pages 213-218


  In this research paper, an experimental breakthrough curve for citric acid in an adsorption recovery process was determined by an ion-exchange resin in 20, 35, 55 °C. Also, a mathematical model for breakthrough curve was presented. Among ion exchange resins that have been experienced, many weak and ...  Read More

تخمین جهانی پتانسیل ژئوئید، توپوگرافی سطح دریا و ژئوئید بر اساس مشاهدات ارتفاع‌سنجی ماهواره‌ای

Ali Reza Azmoudeh Ardalan; Hassan Hashemi Farahani

Volume 42, Issue 3 , July 2008, , Pages 279-286


  Using satellite altimetry derived mean sea level (MSL), geopotential coefficients in terms of ellipsoidal harmonics from recent satellite gravimetry missions, gravity potential values over a grid consisting of 33,486 points at global sea areas are computed and the mean value of the gravity potential ...  Read More

طبقه بندی و شناسایی رخساره‌های زمین‌شناسی با استفاده از داده‌های لرزه نگاری و شبکه‌های عصبی رقابتی

Shabnam Shahbazi; Abdorrahim Javaherian; Mojtaba Mohammadoo Khorasani

Volume 43, Issue 3 , September 2009, , Pages 283-296


  Geological facies interpretation is essential for reservoir studying. The method of classification and identification seismic traces is a powerful approach for geological facies classification and distinction. Use of neural networks as classifiers is increasing in different sciences like seismic. They ...  Read More

تعیین تیپ سنگی با استفاده از دسته‌بندی چندبعدی داده‌های لاگ

Vahid Tavakkoli; Abdolhossein Amini

Volume 41, Issue 3 , September 2007, , Pages 363-367


  Well logs are principal sources of subsurface geological information. They provide significant information on mineralogical composition, texture, sedimentary structures and petrophysical properties such as porosity and permeability. By compiling data from various well logs, one can discriminate sedimentary ...  Read More

طراحی و توسعه یک روش تلفیقی تناظریابی ناحیه ای و عارضه مبنای جدید برای توجیه نسبی در فتوگرامتری برد کوتاه

Seyyed Abdollah Kianejad; Hamid Ebadi; Masoud Varshosaz; Barat Mojarradi

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 455-466


  By far, many stereo-matching techniques have been successfully proposed and applied in digital aerial photogrammetry. However, due to some problems such as large parallaxes, occlusions, geometric deformations, and repetitive patterns in convergent close range images, these methods may not be applicable ...  Read More

درکنش سد و مخزن در دامنه زمان به وسیله روش انتگرال حلقوی منفرد مجزا (DSC)

Kianoush Karimi; Reza Attarnejad

Volume 42, Issue 4 , August 2008, , Pages 497-508


  In this paper, time-domain dynamic analysis of dam - infinite reservoir is studied. A numerical method, discrete singular convolution (DSC), which seems to be efficient and simple, has been used to model the mixed boundary conditions. After a brief introduction, DSC is applied to model the equation of ...  Read More

تعیین نوع و زمانبندی بهینه نگهداری و تعمیرات پیشگیرانه سیستمهای چند‌جزیی بر اساس قابلیت اطمینان

Farhad Kolahan; Mohammad Doustparast; Mojtaba Mamourian

Volume 41, Issue 4 , November 2007, , Pages 511-523


  In this research, a model for optimal PM planning based on reliability is developed and solved for multi-component systems. In the proposed model, the type of PM actions for each inspection period is determined in such manner that the total weighted related costs are minimized while a minimum required ...  Read More

تعیین پارامترهای خزشی سنگ‌های پی سد گتوند به روش آزمایشگاهی و مقایسه آن با مدل سازی عددی

Mohammad Farough Hosseini; Hossein Mahmoudi Dovvom Niasar; Morteza Ahmadi; Vahid Sa'ati

Volume 42, Issue 5 , September 2008, , Pages 577-586


  Gotvand dam is a rock fill dam located in Khoozestan province in Iran on Karun River. It will be constructed on weak mudstone and layers of sandstone. These layers are intermittent of medium strength with uniaxial compressive strength of 15 and 25MPa respectively. Some regional factors as continuous ...  Read More

تعیین حد پائین واریانس خطای تخمین برای زاویه سیگنال دریافتی با استفاده از روش CRB در آنتن های آرایه ای

Hamid Reza Bakhshi; Azar Mahmoud Zadeh

Volume 41, Issue 5 , December 2007, , Pages 577-586


  One of the important issues in many of array systems such as Radar, Sonar, Mobile, and satellite telecommunications is the estimation of DOA of narrowband received signal. CRB is very important in evaluation of parameter estimation. CRB is the lower bound estimation error variance for any unbiased estimation. ...  Read More

مکان یابی وفقی موبایل به روش آزمون باقی‌مانده

Parna Shabestari; Mohammad Hossein Kahaei

Volume 43, Issue 5 , September 2009, , Pages 659-667


  Determination of mobile localization with time of arrival (TOA) signal is a requirement in cellular mobile communication. In some of the previous methods, localization with non-line-of-sight (NLOS) paths can lead to large position error. Also for simplicity, in most simulations suppose non stationary ...  Read More

کاربرد روش معادله سهموی در تحلیل مسائل انتشار امواج داخل ساختمان

Homayoun Oraizi; Narges Nouri

Volume 42, Issue 7 , January 2009, , Pages 879-890


  With the rapid growth of indoor wireless communication systems, the need to accurately model radio wave propagation inside the building environments has increased. Many site-specific methods have been proposed for modeling indoor radio channels. Among these methods, the ray tracing algorithm and the ...  Read More

پیش بینی تقاضای کوتاه مدت آب شهر تهران با استفاده از شبکه های عصبی مصنوعی

Masoud Tabesh; Siamak Gousheh; Mohammad Javad Yazdan Panah

Volume 41, Issue 1 , March 2007, , Pages 11-24


  Short-term water demand modeling plays a key role in urban water resources planning and management. The importance of demand prediction is even greater in countries like Iran with frequent periods of drought. Short-term water demand estimation is useful for planning and management of water and wastewater ...  Read More

بررسی روشهای تولید نانو تیوب های کربنی و انتخاب بهترین روش ساخت مناسب با استفاده از روش تصمیم گیری چند معیاره

Mohammad Kazem Besharati Givi; Akbar Afaghi Khatibi; Mansour Akbari

Volume 42, Issue 1 , April 2008, , Pages 49-63


  Evidence from the early and late industrializes shows that technology, as the commercial application of scientific knowledge, has been a major driver of industrial and economic development. International technology transfer is now being recognized as having played an important role in the development ...  Read More

Linear optimization on the intersection of two fuzzy relational inequalities defined with Yager family of t-norms

Amin Ghodousian; Reza Zarghani

Volume 49, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 55-82


  In this paper, optimization of a linear objective function with fuzzy relational inequality constraints is investigated where the feasible region is formed as the intersection of two inequality fuzzy systems and Yager family of t-norms is considered as fuzzy composition. Yager family of t-norms is a ...  Read More

Zarankiewicz Numbers and Bipartite Ramsey Numbers

Alex F. Collins; Alexander W. N. Riasanovsky; John C. Wallace; Stanis law P. Radziszowski

Volume 47, Issue 1 , June 2016, , Pages 63-78


  The Zarankiewicz number z(b; s) is the maximum size of a subgraph of Kb,b which does not contain Ks,s as a subgraph. The two-color bipartite Ramsey number b(s, t) is the smallest integer b such that any coloring of the edges of Kb,b with two colors contains a Ks,s in the rst color or ...  Read More

Solving a non-convex non-linear optimization problem constrained by fuzzy relational equations and Sugeno-Weber family of t-norms

Amin Ghodousian; A. Ahmadi; A. Dehghani

Volume 49, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 63-101


  Sugeno-Weber family of t-norms and t-conorms is one of the most applied one in various fuzzy modelling problems. This family of t-norms and t-conorms was suggested by Weber for modeling intersection and union of fuzzy sets. Also, the t-conorms were suggested as addition rules by Sugeno for so-called  ...  Read More

بررسی شکل دهی معکوس شوندة صفحات نازک با در نظر گرفتن پدیدة باشینگر

Mehran Kadkhodayan; Javad Mosayyebi

Volume 43, Issue 1 , April 2009, , Pages 65-77


  This paper investigates the forming of sheet metal forming under cycling loading by considering the Bauschinger effect. Different proposed plasticity models which can handle this kind of deformation process have been reviewed in details. For instance, isotropic, kinematic and combined forms in the linear ...  Read More

Maximum Zagreb Indices Among All $p-$Quasi $k-$Cyclic Graphs

Ali Reza Ashrafi; Ali Ghalavand

Volume 51, Issue 2 , December 2019, , Pages 75-82


  \vspace{0.2cm}Suppose $G$ is a simple and connected graph. The first and second Zagreb indices of $G$ are two degree-based graph invariants defined as $M_1(G) = \sum_{v \in V(G)}deg(v)^2$ and $M_2(G) = \sum_{e=uv \in E(G)}deg(u)deg(v)$, respectively. The graph $G$ is called $p-$quasi $k-$cyclic, if there ...  Read More

Correlation Coefficients for Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets

Gholamreza Hesamian; Mohammad Ghasem Akbari

Volume 51, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 79-89


  Here are many situations in real applications of decision making where we deal with uncertain conditions.  Due to the different sources of uncertainty,  since its original definition of fuzzy sets in 1965 \cite{zadeh1965},  different generalizations and extensions of fuzzy sets have been ...  Read More

Inverse eigenvalue problem for matrices whose graph is a banana tree

Maryam Babaei Zarch; Seyed Abolfazl Shahzadeh Fazeli; Seyed Mehdi Karbassi

Volume 50, issue 2 , December 2018, , Pages 89-101


  In this  paper, we consider an  inverse eigenvalue problem (IEP) for constructing  a special  kind of acyclic matrices. The problem involves the reconstruction of matrices whose graph is a  banana tree. This is performed by using the  minimal and maximal eigenvalues of all  ...  Read More

An Optimization Model for Epidemic Mitigation and Some Theoretical and Applied Generalizations

Sima Ranjbarfard; Amin Ghodousian; D. Moazzami

Volume 48, Issue 1 , December 2016, , Pages 99-116


  In this paper, we present a binary-linear optimization model to prevent the spread of an infectious disease in a community. The model is based on the remotion of some connections in a contact network in order to separate infected nodes from the others. By using this model we nd an exact optimal solution ...  Read More