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Tenacity and rupture degree parameters for trapezoid graphs

Dara Moazzami

Volume 51, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 157-164


  Reliability of networks is an important issue in the field of graph and network. Computation of network vulnerability parameters is NP-complete for popular network topologies such as tree, Mesh, Cube, etc.In this paper, we will show that the tenacity and rupture degree parameters for trapezoid graphs ...  Read More

Vertex Switching in 3-Product Cordial Graphs

P. Jeyanthi; A. Maheswari; M. VijayaLakshmi

Volume 50, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 185-188


  A mapping  $f: V(G)\rightarrow\left\{0, 1, 2 \right\}$ is called 3-product cordial labeling if $\vert v_f(i)-v_f(j)\vert \leq 1$ and $\vert e_f(i)-e_f(j)\vert \leq 1$ for any $ i, j\in \{0, 1, 2\}$, where $v_f(i)$ denotes the number of vertices labeled  with $i, e_f (i)$ denotes the number ...  Read More

شبیه سازی سه بعدی فرایند اکستروژن مستقیم خارج از مرکز با روش اجزاء محدود و مقایسه با نتایج تجربی

Caren Abrinia; Jalal Pour Hosseini Baboddashti

Volume 41, Issue 4 , November 2007, , Pages 369-377


  In this paper the eccentric forward extrusion of sections has been simulated and analyzed using FEM Abaqus-explicit. The results have been compared to those obtained from upper bound theorem and experimental works. Close agreements was observed between the FEM and experimental work and as compared with ...  Read More

کاربرد مدل‌سازی عددی سه‌بعدی در شبیه‌سازی پدیده‌های پیچیده مهندسی رودخانه

Ahmad Shakibaee Nia; Amir Reza Zarrati; Mohammad Reza Majd Zadeh Tabatabaee

Volume 42, Issue 4 , August 2008, , Pages 443-455


  Most of river engineering problems are complicated and need to be analyzed by three dimensional models of flow and sediment transport. Considering the fact that computers and numerical methods with great ability of flow and sediment transport simulation are developing quickly, using numerical modeling ...  Read More

ارزیابی قابلیت اطمینان تولید در بازار برق رقابتی کامل

Hossein Harounabadi; Mahmoud Reza Haghifam; Mahmoud Fotouhi Firouzabad

Volume 41, Issue 5 , December 2007, , Pages 653-662


  Deregulation policy has caused some changes in the concepts of power system reliability assessment. This paper deals with generation reliability evaluation in perfect competition power market using market economic concepts and its dynamic. Also, because of power markets and generators’ forced outages ...  Read More

بررسی تأثیر محصورشدگی بتن در رفتار غیرخطی دیوارهای برشی بتن‌آرمه بالدار

Ali Kheiroddin; Ali Reza Morteza'ee

Volume 41, Issue 6 , January 2008, , Pages 725-738


  Flanged shear walls are used extensively in moderate- and high-rise buildings to resist lateral loads induced by earthquakes. The seismic performance of many buildings is, therefore, closely linked to the behavior of the reinforced concrete walls. They must be carefully designed to provide not only adequate ...  Read More

Economical Design of Double Variables Acceptance Sampling With Inspection Errors

Ali Reza Arshadi Khamseh; Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Fatemi Ghomi; Majid Aminnayyeri

Volume 41, Issue 7 , February 2009, , Pages 959-967


  The paper presents an economical model for double variable acceptance sampling with inspection errors. Taguchi cost function is used as acceptance cost while quality specification functions are normal with known variance. An optimization model is developed for double variables acceptance sampling scheme ...  Read More

جداسازی آب و نمک از نفت خام در میدان الکتریکی غیر یکنواخت

Morteza Hosseini

Volume 41, Issue 2 , July 2007, , Pages 151-158


  This study is about the non-uniform electric field for splitting of water in oil emulsion. If the process occurs in an inhomogeneous electrical field, the drops are polarized and then their mobility is increased. The emulsion drops will be charged and move toward the central point of splitter where the ...  Read More

طراحی بهینه‌ موج‌شکن مرکب کیسونی تحت اثر امواج غیرخطی

Ali Reza Soltankouhi; Khosro Bargi

Volume 42, Issue 4 , August 2008, , Pages 431-441


  Breakwaters are the important and the costly ones of the marine structures. Composite breakwater is one of the common types in the world. Because of the progress in marine industry in Iran in recent years, designers have noticed this structure. Because of the sensitivity of composite breakwater to environmental ...  Read More

نقش برخی از پارامترهای مؤثر بر روی واکنش به ضربه صفحات کامپوزیتی هیبریدی هوشمند

Ali Shokouhfar; Seyyed Mohammad Reza Khalili; Faramarz Ashnaye Ghasemi

Volume 41, Issue 4 , November 2007, , Pages 459-471


  In this paper, the response of hybrid composite laminate plate reinforced by the smart wires (shape memory or the SMA wires) subjected to low velocity impact is studied. The smart wires are embedded within the layers of the composite laminate. The effect of the smart wires on contact force history, and ...  Read More

مدل‌سازی اجزای محدود برش ماده فولادی با جت آب دارای ذرات برنده

Mehdi Takaffoli; Aghil Yusefikoma

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 489-499


  Numerical modeling of machining processes is of significance in the parametric analysis and optimization of their performance. In this paper, a finite element-based model of abrasive waterjet (AWJ) cutting of a ductile material is presented with the help of an explicit, nonlinear finite element method. ...  Read More

بررسی تأثیرعملیات پیرسازی هم دما بر ریز ساختار، خواص مکانیکی و رفتار شکست ضربه فلز جوش فولاد زنگ‌نزن آستنیتی L316

Ali Ammari Allahyari; Hassan Farhangi; Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Hadavi

Volume 42, Issue 5 , September 2008, , Pages 647-656


  The effects of isothermal aging at temperatures between 550-850 ?C for durations of 1-100 h on microstructure, tensile properties, and impact fracture behavior of 316L austenitic stainless steel weld metal have been investigated. For this purpose, various techniques including metallographic observations, ...  Read More

تحلیل دینامیکی سد‌های بتنی وزنی با مدلسازی مخزن به روش‌های لاگرانژی و اویلری

Davoud Ali Jamshidi; Bahram Navay'i Nia; Javad Vaseghi Amiri

Volume 41, Issue 6 , January 2008, , Pages 709-724


  Because of different behavior of reservoir water and dam material, the determination of hydrodynamic pressure during earthquake is very complicated. Thus, different formulations have been presented for modeling of the dam reservoir system under dynamic loading such as earthquake. These formulations can ...  Read More

ارزیابی حسّاسیّت موج‌شکن‌های مرکب کیسونی به مشخصه های هیدرولیکی و ژئوتکنیکی

Ali Reza Soltankouhi; Khosro Bargi

Volume 42, Issue 6 , December 2008, , Pages 739-749


  Breakwaters are the important and the costly ones of the marine structures. Composite breakwater is one of the common types in the world. Because of the sensitivity of composite breakwaters to environmental conditions, also construction costs, difficulty of repair and maintenance and importance of equipments ...  Read More

ساخت ماکرو با هدف رهگیری دو پدیده چروکیدگی و ترکیدگی در فرآیند هیدروفرمینگ لوله

Keyvan Hosseini Safari; Mahmoud Mousavi Mashhadi

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 501-509


  Determination of the optimum loading path (internal pressure- axial feeding) to restrict the Bursting, buckling and wrinkling through tube hydroforming process is necessary to produce an acceptable tube. In this paper, the wrinkling and fracture criteria are implemented to an finite element code devoted ...  Read More

تعیین ضریب عملکرد پروژه در مدیریت ارزش کسب شده با استفاده از مدیریت ریسک به منظور تخمین نتایج پایانی کار پیمانکاران

Mahmoud Golabchi; Mohammad Hassan Sebt; Hossein Naghash Tousi

Volume 41, Issue 6 , January 2008, , Pages 787-796


  One of the common questions in all projects, is "How much would be the final cost of the project?" or "How much would be the completion duration of the project?". Earned Value Management presents a method for estimation of these results. In general methods and formula of Earned Value Management, future ...  Read More

Numerical Modeling of Launching Offshore Jackets from Transportation Barge & the Significance of Water Entry Forces on Horizontal Jacket Members

Nikzad Nourpanah; Moharram Dolatshahi Pirooz

Volume 42, Issue 6 , December 2008, , Pages 809-821


  Development of a numerical model which describes launching of offshore jackets from barge is presented in this paper. In this model, in addition to capabilities of commercial softwares, water entry forces on jacket members and an implicit Newmark solution technique are included. The results are in general ...  Read More

بررسی برخورد از جلوی یک خودروی سواری و آثار استفاده از سپر کامپوزیتی

Mohammad Shariyat; Abbas Ganjipour

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 511-518


  In the present paper, employing a complete model of a passenger car, contribution of various components and assemblies in the frontal crash energy absorption is determined. Thickness of components with more remarkable contribution is increased to improve the occupant safety. Furthermore, effects of substituting ...  Read More

فرایند کشش عمیق استوانه‌های با نسبت کشش خیلی بالا

Ghader Faraji; Mohammad Kazem Besharati Givi; Saeed Yarmohammadi; Mahmoud Mousavi Mashhadi

Volume 43, Issue 4 , September 2009, , Pages 519-525


  Deep drawing of cylindrical shapes with high limiting drawing ratio (LDR) values is relatively difficult. Annealing is a further operation, which in turn adds costs and consumes significantly time to the forming process. In the present work, cylindrical cups from brass sheet were made with only limited ...  Read More